Best Business To Start for 2017

With the new year upon us, many people have an important item on their New Year’s resolution list. For those that are looking into new business opportunities or entrepreneurship ideas, there is one that cannot be ignored. If you have ever considered owning a health club, here are some of the reasons why this is a good business opportunity for this year.

You always want to consider trends, they do not lie. The fitness and health club industry has seen consistent growth going as far back as 20 years. We are talking about double digit growth that has made this into an industry over $20 billion. Of course, this is not a surprise to a lot of people. Think about the obesity problem in this country and the support from the government towards health and wellness. Getting and staying in shape is no longer a fad, it is a way of life and every year more and more people are joining health clubs.
A Business That Can Run Itself
In recent years many people have realized that life is too short and you should not be a slave to your business or work. One of the wonderful things about owning a health club is that with the right team and system in place, it can pretty much run itself. As one of the most attractive health club franchises in the industry, we hear from many of our franchisees that is one of the things they love the most. A business that can run on autopilot means more time for your family or more time to focus on other business ventures.

Awesome Revenue Potential
You may not realize it at first but the revenue potential for a health club is HUGE. When you think about revenue you probably wonder how many members a gym has and how much the monthly dues are. But in reality that is just a piece of the overall cake. Good health clubs are able to maximize profitability by offering a wide variety of amenities such as personal training, workout classes, kids club, juice bar, clothing/apparel, tanning, and much more. When you add it all up, you have a nice profitability model that you can truly enjoy.

Great Franchise Opportunities
A franchise opportunity like the one offered by the Zoo Health Club, is unlike others because of the lower franchise fee and incredible support that is offered so a franchise can be successful. Franchise fees in the fast food industry have gotten to astronomical levels, some over $200K. That is pretty expensive and limits your opportunities. Not to mention how competitive it is with some restaurants closing within the first 2 years. Our franchise fees are a fraction of others and we walk you through every single aspect from finding the right club, leasing equipment, to day-to-day success.

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