Best Franchise Opportunities 2016

Franchising has become an ever popular option for new or existing entrepreneurs. This investment model has been successful especially for those that have the passion and enthusiasm to start a business lack the knowledge or experience. One of the most successful franchise business models are in the health club industry. Here, we analyze why investing in a health club franchise may be a good idea.

Industry Growth
It is safe to say that industries are generally cyclical. They go up and down depending on consumer trends, economics, technology, and more. However, the health club industry is one that continues to thrive. It is known for consistent double digit growth because being healthy and fit is not a trend. The government and many entities across multiple industries are pushing for overall health and wellness in some shape or form. This has contributed to the consistent growth of the health club industry.

Multiple Revenue Sources
Unlike most business which receive revenue from only one funnel, the health club industry has many different sources where it can receive revenue. Personal Training, Classes, Tanning, Juice bar, Kids Club, and more. This has made it a very attractive business for many investors and entrepreneurs.

Those that run a health club can tell you, for the most part once everything is in place, it pretty much runs itself. This is not the case with other franchises where you have to worry about food spoilage, large staff, and more. The advantage of having a franchise is that the policies, procedures, software, workflow, training, and everything else needed to get to that point where the gym runs itself, is provided to you. For those having other businesses or wishing to have a flexible schedule that allows them to be more involved in their family, this is an excellent option.

Give Back to the Community
If you think about it, the purpose of health clubs is to help people improve and get better. This is not something that a burger franchise can say. People join a health club to maintain or get in better shape. Working out can help many with their self esteem. It is gratifying to assist people in feeling better about themselves. Those that own health clubs will tell you how much they love what they do.

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