You may have heard the buzz surrounding franchise opportunities and the many successful ones. Franchise fees can range from from $15K to over $200K, depending on the brand. Below we present a franchise opportunity with a fee that is significantly less than the others, with great revenue potential.


The Zoo Health Club is an up and coming fitness franchise concept that offers specialized fitness centers in localized markets. What this means is that each Zoo Health Club caters to their local market by offering the best array of amenities all under one roof containing the highest level equipment, best trained staff, and a personalized experienced that is unrivaled by the bigger box gyms. The Zoo name lends itself to many marketing possibilities. It can be a family fitness center or an intriguing gym where people can let out their animal instinct and/or go into Beast mode so to speak. Regardless of the possibilities, Zoo Gym members consider us their happy place where they can escape, improve, and feel better about themselves.


Unlike bigger box gyms where you are nothing more than a number, our corporate office and franchise support center believes in dedicated support with direct access to senior leadership. If you are looking to adopt the name of a gym you may have heard of and receive limited support, than a big box gym may be for you. If you looking for us to hold your hand throughout the entire process before and after your gym opens, Zoo Gym is the right choice.


The beauty of the fitness business is the multiple revenue streams. Whereas some business rely on one main source of revenue, as a health club we maximize several which when added up really help maximize profit. I am sure you are familiar with the main revenue source, membership fees. But in addition to this we capitalize on personal training fees, amenities, classes, kids club, apparel, juice bar, and more. This is where we separate ourselves from the competition. In our business model we have a strategy to generate and increase revenue for each revenue stream, helping make us amongst the most profitable fitness franchises in the market.


Like any business, a lot of work goes into running a health club. But unlike other businesses, with the team in place, as well as processes and tools, the business can run itself. In addition your day-to-day work life is what many would consider very gratifying. You are not crammed in a back office or in a kitchen walking by a hot stove every 5 minutes. The health club environment can be very enjoyable and we have heard from our franchisees that they don’t want to go home. However, if you need to you certainly can without fear of the businesses falling apart. This is one of the businesses where you have the best work life balance.


This information and much more is available when you request our free franchise toolkit below. We look forward to hearing from you.