Fitness Franchise Industry 2017

The sheer idea of a fitness industry is one of the most popular in today’s society. One out of five Americans are going to the gym, or at least paying for a membership. This places the fitness industry extremely far ahead of most businesses and franchises. A large part of this is because of such a largely unhealthy and out-of-shape population attempting to find more ways to lose weight. Whether they are finding a more healthy diet or taking part in a Zumba class, there is an unsatiated appetite for exercising.

Industry Facts

In the United States alone over 54 million people paid for gym membership fees in 2016, and for 2 consecutive years visits to the gyms surpassed 5 billion. On average, each member has visited their club over 100 times which in fact, is an all-time high. Memberships have continued to grow through 2016. The United States has accommodated for over 34 thousand fitness centers across the country. Which in turn, was an increase over the year prior. As stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, fitness and recreational sports centers have employed over 500,000 people and jobs are predicted to continue to grow.

Opportunity in the Fitness Industry

According to the Centers for Disease Control, almost 70% of Americans over the age of 20 are overweight, including 35% that are considered obese. These numbers are overwhelmingly large and in parallel, awareness in health and education about the importance of a healthy lifestyle has continued to increase at the same rate. With a more improved knowledge of exercise, nutrition, and staying in shape, people are lowering their risks of disease, decreasing their medical expenses, and improving their energy levels. The market demand is long-lasting, and becoming successful will depend on what type of fitness business fits your local demand.

Should You Consider owning a fitness franchise?

The average gym owner has a passion and love for fitness. Not just to keep themselves in shape but to change other people’s lives in a positive manner. Helping men and women across the country get in better shape takes a certain type of individual who not only loves what they do, but who can also share that knowledge and passion with others. The largest component  of sharing your passion of fitness with others, you must be sure that your trainers have the same passion that you do.