Fitness Franchise Investment Models

Entrepreneurial Investment opportunities are a dime a dozen. Many people are leaving that 9 to 5 rat race to go into business for themselves. Corporate America has gotten a bad rap and the rise of the Internet age has made it possible for just about anyone to open up their own shop. But as more and more people realize that it isn’t as easy as it seems, franchises continue to grow in popularity. The concept has been around for some time, just look at McDonald’s, but one of the most popular franchise models are fitness clubs. People have realized how consistent the fitness industry is. This billion dollar industry characterized by double digit year over year growth had made investors open their eyes. Just think about it trends come and go but the need to stay fit and healthy continues to be as important as ever and the push from the government also contributes to its overall growth. Here are some things you may not already know about fitness franchises. Before we dive in, here is some information on the Zoo Health Club, in case you were wondering. The Zoo Health Club is a newer health club led by industry experts that have put together a unique franchise opportunity that has been able to compete with the big box gyms. In several markets it has helped its franchisees outsell their competitors and generate healthy profits with less overhead and square feet.


To start a health club from scratch can easily cost you half a million dollars. However, when you have the real estate connections, equipment partners, and the experience that is necessary to know where to spend money, how to spend money, and how to negotiate, it can be more than half that amount. We ask that our potential franchisees have at least $150k in Liquid Assets, a $300k net worth, and Good Credit. So if you were looking to pre-qualify yourself, there you go. However, as you begin your journey you will see that we are able to help minimize the overall spend, while negotiating favorable terms for everything from real estate to equipment. We have been able to successfully negotiate on several lease agreements for it to include TI (tenant improvement) money that can go towards the build-out of your club. Imagine that, the landlord paying a good portion of your build out. Few fitness franchises can accomplish this.


This question is easy, NO! Experience is not at all necessary. Our in-depth training program will teach you everything you need to know about owning a fitness club. You will be taking advantage of our experience, which is vast. Some of our executives have over 40 years of experience under their belt, having worked with such fitness legends as Jack Lalanne. So believe us when we tell you that they have seen it done right, wrong, or indifferent. There is nothing they have not seen and all this knowledge and wisdom will be carried on to you for the sole purpose of you being successful. The one thing we do require is that all franchisees are passionate and enthusiastic about this business.


So, there is no cut and dry answer for you here. It depends on a variety of factors and some franchises may be more profitable than others, like is the case in any industry. However, those that follow our plan to the tee, are more successful and make more money. We will tell you this regarding to money and revenue. The Zoo Health has a very unique revenue model that you do not see in other clubs. We create multiple revenue sources that almost act like independent businesses operating under 1 roof. Membership fees are the core of the revenue of any health club and ours is no different. However, when you have an independent sales and marketing strategy for all the other revenue sources such as personal training, amenities, classes, apparel, juice bar, supplements, childcare, etc… these all add up to help you make a nice profit.


There is not enough space on this web page to be able to educate you on everything that you need to know and should consider about owning a fitness franchise. For this reason, we ask that you reach out to us in order to get more information. If you look at other franchises you would be hard pressed to find one that will be more responsive, willing, and experienced. Watch the video below to educate yourself  a little on what a Zoo Health Club franchise is all about. You will hear from actual franchisees.

Fore more information, we ask that you request more information below. We look forward to hearing from you.