Fitness Franchise Report 2017

The verdict is in, fitness franchises continue to be the hottest trend in business opportunities. The secret is more than out, and more and more people are inquiring about opportunities in the fitness/health club industry. As a leader in this industry, ever year we compile a report for new prospects which educated them on the most important things they need to know about owning a fitness franchise.


The first thing you should know is that owning a health club is more about helping people get fit and reach their fitness goals, than anything else. Yes, for many this is a given and we are not interested in stating the obvious, but what we are trying to get at, is that in order to be successful, you have to keep this main objective in mind. If you keep this at the forefront of everything that you stand for, than you are on the right path to success. Now, let’s talk about the business side of things.


For a long time, the fitness industry was dominated by a few large players, you know those big names. They were characterized by large facilities, thousands of members, and huge national advertising campaigns. In the past years they became more amply characterized as crowded gyms, no personalized attention to their members, and very high fees. This opened the opportunities for what is known as boutique or niche gyms that may be smaller in square footage, but offer a more personalized approach to their local members. They have been very successful by keeping their overhead low, and their attention to their members high. These smaller gyms have seen such success, that we now operate in an environment or level playing field where multiple concepts and gyms of all shapes and sizes can coexist in an industry where the consumer has options and ultimately wins.


This is most definitely a loaded question. The reason being is because it really depends on the fitness club’s revenue strategy. One thing that is special about the Zoo Health Club, is that our revenue strategy is unique. Whereas most clubs have one main strategy, which is to bring new members, we have what we call a multiple revenue source model. We treat our fitness clubs like a set of individual businesses that work cohesively but each has their own revenue strategy with individual goals, projections, and sales approach. Obviously member fees is at the core, but personal training fees, clothing/apparel sales, workout classes fees, amenities fees, kids club fees, supplements revenue, and more make this a very strong monetary gain for our franchisees. So, to go back to the original question, “how much can a fitness club make?” It depends on the franchise.


The United States is one of the countries with the worst obesity epidemic. This has caused national attention and more and more people every day are looking to make lifestyle changes to lose weight and be more healthy. For this reason this fitness industry has seen consistent year over year growth and in the past 10 years has seen double digit growth. That is very rare. For this reason, many people are looking to invest in health clubs.


But what is the best method to get in this industry. When it comes to business, you should be weary of risk. Every year, hundreds of health clubs close down because of lack of experience. For this reason franchising has become more and more popular. The franchise fees are very minimal but the long term benefits can be huge. That is especially the case if you go with a fitness franchise that provides great support. Our franchise, The Zoo Health Club, is recognized for being one of the most experienced in the industry. Some of its executives have over 35 years experience under their belt, so they have seen it all. In addition, we provide the most support among franchises from the start-up phase to post-open. While other franchises help you get started and then, you must fend for yourself? We provide ongoing support with sales, marketing, like no other concept.


There is not enough space on this web page to be able to educate you on everything that you need to know and should consider about owning a fitness franchise. For this reason, we ask that you reach out to us in order to get more information. If you look at other franchises you would be hard pressed to find one that will be more responsive, willing, and experienced. Watch the video below to educate yourself  a little on what a Zoo Health Club franchise is all about. You will hear from actual franchisees.

Fore more information, we ask that you request more information below. We look forward to hearing from you.