Fitness Franchises For Sale

The hottest trend in franchise opportunities are fitness health clubs or gyms. It’s no secret that health and wellness is an attractive industry with a potentially great rate of return. But with the many options available who do you go with? What factors should you take into consideration and how to take action? We will be answering these many questions while educating you on how to make the best investment decision. 

Know About The Options

It is first important to understand the different options available. Of course, you may be familar with the most common option, “Big Box Gyms”. These are the big brands that open up on every corner so there is some brand recognition. Another popular option are boutique franchises that may focus on niche markets thereby creating their own demand and believe it or not, they can be very competitive with some of the bigger gyms. The support structure is usually completely different for these 2 type of gyms but we will touch on that in a few. 

Compare Fees

I am sure you are familiar with the way franchise fee structures work, but in case you are not, here is a breakdown. The Franchise Company or Fitness Franchise, will charge an upfront franchise fee. In addition there are royalties on your sales. The cost of the setup of the gym: equipment, buildout, lease payments, etc… are paid by the franchisee. So the fees that you will be comparing are the franchise fee and royalty fee. 


Now, this is perhaps the most important aspect as many franchisees would agree. Those that buy a franchise, do so because they lack the familiarity or experience to start a gym on their own. And this is a very wise thing when you consider how expensive it can be when you make wrong decisions when opening a fitness club. One bad decision can not only hurt you financially but it could cause you to fail and that fitness center that you were so excited about gets closed faster than you could ever imagine. To be successful you must have the right franchise support. It makes no sense to buy a franchise and have to fend for yourself. This is one of the reasons why our franchisees chose “The Zoo Health Club” to open their gym. Our goal is to make every single franchise successful and this means close personal attention. We pride ourselves not by the number of clubs we have open nationwide, but by the number of successful, profitable, and happy franchise owners we have nationwide. If the franchise owner is happy it is because their gym is successful. It is the core of our mission.  

Marketing Support

You should also consider the marketing support you will receive. Having a well known brand name is not enough. Just because you open a gym and put a sign on the door, does not mean that people just automatically walk in your doors. There must be a marketing strategy in place. This is where we see a huge variance. Some of the bigger clubs believe that their name recognition is enough and although they may invest in nationwide advertising, they lack a localized marketing strategy. Our success has been helping our clubs understand their local market and tailor a marketing plan that includes effective and low-cost activities such as Social Media. 

As you continue your journey to find the best fitness franchise, gather more information about the Zoo Health Club, we hope to be among your considered options.