Florida Franchises For Sale

Besides being the Sunshine state, FL is also the home of great franchise opportunities. One of the fastest growing industries and best franchise business concept in Florida are health clubs. People want to stay in bathing suit shape year round which represents a significant business opportunity. If you are looking for franchise investments in Florida consider the following opportunity.

The Zoo Health Club

This fitness franchise was started by industry veterans that worked with Jack Lalanne and understand the health club business through and through. With over 20 fitness clubs throughout the country and growing, they have managed to create a very successful business model which keeps overhead low and profits high. This is one of the many factors that differentiates Zoo Health Club among its competitors. In addition the brand has been positioned as a fun family fitness center with as many amenities as a big club but personalized service where everyone actually knows your name.

“I’ve never heard of the Zoo Health Club”
The wonderful thing about the Zoo Health Club is that it believes in localized targeted marketing. Unless you live within a 10 mile radius, you may have never heard of the Zoo Health club A.K.A. Zoo Gym. Marketing dollars are spent wisely by focusing on the local market that gravitates towards a gym that is not as expensive or busy as the big box gyms. Rather than establishing multiple clubs within a 15 mile radius, like of the bigger gyms do, they believe in spreading the gyms out enough to where other franchise owners do not directly compete with one another. Zoo Gym franchise owners will tell you, they compete with big players in the area and do great.

How much can I make?
Like any business this could vary depending on a variety of factors. However, Zoo Gym focuses on a variety of revenue sources to which contributes to a handsome bottom line. We all know that health clubs generate membership fees / dues, but a successful health club will also maximize additional revenue from personal training, juice bar, clothing apparel, tanning, etc…

How much is a franchise?
Our franchise fees are among the lowest of any franchises. For more information on the exact cost of a Zoo Gym franchise and other details, we ask that you fill out the form below and request a Free Franchise Toolkit for Success. This will tell you everything you need to know so you can make an educated decision on whether this opportunity is right for you.