Are you looking to buy a gym? Although the idea of a turn key deal, where you walk in and everything is setup sounds good in theory, the truth is there is a reason why they are selling it. Like any industry there are profitable businesses and some not so much. But what does profitability depend on? We are going to walk you through the keys to having a profitable gym so you can be educating when purchasing a gym or gym franchise.

A gym is only as successful as the local market makes it out to be. This means that your local marketing has to be in point. Some gyms do this better than others. Also consider one important thing, name recognition is important but only to the extent that it reaches the local market. There are large nationwide, well recognized gyms, but in some markets they are not the gym of choice. That is one of the reasons why our franchisees chose Zoo Gym. They have seen first hand how with the right business model, service quality, and marketing, the Zoo Gym brand has been able to not only compete but even beat out some of the larger big box gyms in several markets. So when purchasing a gym or franchise take a good look at the marketing and ask yourself this, do I have to start from scratch? And if so, what resources, know-how, and expertise do I have? This is what we provide all our franchisees.

A gym has many potential revenue streams. Think of it as several businesses in one. Personal training is one of the biggest revenue streams. You can also add: juice bar, apparel, amenities, classes, kids club, and more to the list. Some gyms live or die on only one revenue stream, membership fees. This is mainly because of lack of knowledge or experience in the other sides of the business. It’s not as easy as you think, unless you have someone holding your hand and laying everything out for you. This is why our Zoo gym franchises are more profitable than the average health club. Our management team has vast experience in the gym business having worked in the 60s with such legends as Jack Lalanne. This experience is passed on to franchisees so they can maximize every single potential revenue source.
Some gyms are simply not that profitable because they are not operating and optimal level as it regards to efficiency. With the right processes, tools, and people a gym can run like a well oiled machine and operate with little staff. This is definitely a profit driver. But this requires experience and know how. It takes some gyms years to be able to find the right formula of people and processes. Unfortunately, there is not time to lose and learning through trial and error is not a good philosophy in business. Now learning from others trials and errors, that is what you need to do. And this is something that comes from experience. For this reason our franchisees rely on us to provide them with the right tools such as software, billing systems, contracts, etc… as well as the right understanding of how to run the business. Like you may have already heard, franchising is like being in business for yourself but not necessarily by yourself.

For more information on the exact cost of a Zoo Gym franchise and other details, we ask that you fill out the form below and request a Free Franchise Toolkit for Success. This will tell you everything you need to know so you can make an educated decision on whether this opportunity is right for you.