How Much Does It Cost To Open A Fitness Franchise?

Like any business, big or small, opening a gym costs a reasonable amount of money. Finding the best location can significantly affect how much your gym costs as well as hiring qualified personnel, how much equipment costs, and how much it costs to apply for the proper credentials and licenses to own a gym. All of these factors should be considered before starting a fitness franchise.

Location Costs  

When finding the perfect location that is both easily accessible and relatively convenient, you must choose carefully. On top of registration/licensing fees, it can cost anywhere from $200,000 to $500,000, at least, to open a fitness franchise in an area like New York City. Finding a happy medium that can satisfy the needs of your customers without spending too much is essential to picking the perfect site for your new gym.

Getting A Loan

Most small business owners don’t have the funds in advance to open their business. In order to pay for pricey business fees, the majority of business owners will start out persuading a wealthy investor to provide capital or getting a loan from the bank. But remember, no lender will agree to arrange payment unless you can contribute a detailed business plan explaining just how your business can quickly bring profit.


In the United States, every business is required to register to pay taxes. Depending on your gym’s location, your tax situation at the local and state level can vary. For instance, California businesses are obligated to register for unemployment insurance tax, as well as one or more state-level tax ID numbers, state income tax withholding, etc. Applying for a business license at the federal, state, and local level can cost from $25 to around $250.

Insurance Fees

Owning a gym means that you have to be concerned about the possibility of a customer or employee getting injured or even die on-site. In a workplace environment that consists of high-intensity exercise, the likelihood of injury or death are always going to be high regardless of extensive safety precaution. This is why every gym owner carries liability insurance.  Varying on state and local laws this could be an essential prerequisite to operating a gym.