How To Choose A Fitness Franchise

Finding the right fitness franchise to invest in can be difficult. With the many options there are out there, how do you choose the right one? As a leader in the fitness industry we have broken it down for you based on the criteria that we see most important from our franchisees. Please read this in its entirety as this is not a decision that should be taken lightly.


Every fitness franchise has a different support model. That said, some provide more experience and hand-holding, per say, than others. If you have existing experience, than you may just looking for a brand that you can align yourself with. However, those that are new to the industry will benefit greatly from a franchise like the Zoo Health Club. We provide in-depth support not only throughout the early stages getting your franchise up and running, but also month-in and month-out. The success of each individual franchisee is integral to our success. So, it is not uncommon that a member of our corporate team be on-site to assist with sales, training, profitability analysis, and more even months or years after a club is up and running.


Each health club has its own revenue strategy. It is vital that you understand this because this is definitely a differentiating factor. While some of the bigger gyms may rely on member volume #s, which is their primary focus. The Zoo Health Club, for example has a very special revenue strategy that focuses on multiple streams. For example, we treat our gyms like their are multiple lines of business each with a separate strategy. Such as personal training, juice bar, apparel, workout classes, supplements, amenities, and more. This has been truly successful and optimizes profitability and penetrate your existing member base.


The bigger the gym, the bigger the start-up cost. Some of the bigger box gyms may have a bigger start-up cost based on the size. At the Zoo Health Club, we believe that a medium sized club can not only complete with the bigger gyms, but also achieve better profitability. So, you must ask yourself, is the cost worth it? One thing is for sure, no other gym will help you get the most out of your investment. We have been able to achieve impressive real estate negotiations where a large portion of the renovation expense needed for the build-out was actually paid by landlords, this is know as TI Money, (Tenant Improvements).


Perhaps one of the most important things to look at when investing in a gym franchise is the leadership team and how accessible will they be to you. Will you have people at the highest level of the organization assisting you with questions or help with marketing? That is one thing that our franchisees value greatly, is the ability to simply reach out to the leadership team for support. Not to mention the experience that comes with it. Some of our leaders have decades of experience having worked with such fitness legends as Jack Lalanne, and the early health clubs. You just can’t teach

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