Reasons You Should Become an Entrepreneur

Control Your Own Destiny

Working the 40 hour week to help build someone else’s dream it not for everyone. Furthermore, you depend on someone besides yourself to make savvy decisions that could affect your future. Having control of your own destiny can be a very gratifying thing. You can develop plans to reach your goals and grow your business. If it works you see the direct benefits vs. working for a company where you depend on a paycheck.

Sky’s The Limit Earning Possibilities

If you work for a company, your earning potential is limited. You won’t make half a million dollars a year managing a retail store. It’s safe to say that your earning potential is capped. Entrepreneurs don’t settle for status quo. They believe in the possibility of possibly becoming a millionaire or living like one. Think of those entrepreneurs that started with a burger franchise and now own 40. They are millionaires and continue to grow. Franchise opportunities are one of the most popular methods of entrepreneurship.

Freedom and Independence

If you have ever had to punch in or explain to a superior why you were 15 minutes late to work or coming back from lunch, you understand what this means. Those that work that 9 to 5 in corporate america and get 2 weeks vacation per year feel the frustration of missing that child’s school field trip, ballet recital, or baseball game. One of the biggest benefits of being an entrepreneur is the ability to set your own hours because you are your own boss. Yes, there is a sense of responsibility and you must be able to delegate successfully, but once this is done, you can miss those important moments in life that come and go at the blink of an eye.

Freedom To Relocate

Have you ever dreamt of moving to another city? These dreams are often unrealized when you are tied down to one geographic area because that is where the company you work for is located. Perhaps there are limited opportunities for a comparable job in the other city, so you settle and live many years in one place. Owning your own business can afford you the possibility of relocating. If you have a physical place of business such as a retail store or health club, this could be possibly represent expansion. I know of health club franchise owners that have multiple clubs in several states. They have great teams in place in each club and travel throughout the year to each one. The ability to travel and never be in one city for too long is something that can come with entrepreneurship.

Leave a Legacy For Your Family

I know of people that have worked at the same company for over 30 years and end up retiring and living the rest of the life off of their pension. But what are they leaving their families in terms of a legacy? Many entrepreneurs leave their business in the hands of their children or family who can continue the dream and can benefit greatly from the foresight and sacrifices made by them. 2nd and 3rd generation businesses understand what i means to have a business legacy and how wonderful of a thing this is.
Becoming an entrepreneur has many benefits that should be considered. Whether you are looking into starting your own business of franchising, remember that the sweat and sacrifice will be well worth it.