The Best Fitness Health Club Franchise

In the past 5 years we are witnessing a dramatic rise in boutique studio fitness clubs that are disrupting the mainstream larger health club concept. 10 years ago, the large health club monsters dominated the industry. However, according to Lifetime Fitness’s 2014 Investor and Media daily report, from 2010 to 2014, the number of boutique health clubs in the U.S. grew by over 400%.

Here are 5 reasons why

1. Variety

Health Club consumers have made it loud and clear that their wants and needs are not all the same. Smaller health clubs have been able to offer personalization to consumer niches which have enabled them to be very profitable without the need of the monstrous overhead.
2. Fitness Talent
Boutique health clubs have done a better job of recruiting local fitness talent in the form of trainers and instructors. Because of their lower than average overhead, they can afford to compensate very well which enables them to retain talent better than the larger health clubs.

3. Local Appeal
Large mainstream health clubs often times lose their connection with the local consumers. Smaller health clubs do a better job of being involved in the local community and taking an organic approach to marketing through the application of such things as social media and word of mouth.

4. Less Intimidation
Many consumers stray away from large health clubs where hundreds gather, often to socialize and network. This can be intimidating to someone who just wants to workout. There are a large amount of people that prefer to go to a health club that does not have the mass amount of people, like a nightclub, so they can do what they came to do. Workout more and socialize less.

5. Less Expensive
Boutique health clubs are traditionally less expensive because the overhead is significantly less. This is appealing especially when you consider economic factors. At the end of the day a $20 savings per month is appealing to the lower and middle class.
In summary, consumers seem to be gravitating towards community-based health club concepts that provide a personalized fitness experience. This reinvigoration represents tremendous opportunities for operators and investors alike.