Why fitness franchises are the best way to start your own business

Starting a new business can be filled with complexities and unexpected challenges. The fitness franchise industry offers incredible opportunities with minimal risk. Here are some of the reasons why owning a fitness franchise is a good idea.

Consistent Trends

Fashion is an industry that changes quite frequently. Fast food franchises are very cyclical and few can survive the 1st year in the competitive restaurant industry. Technology grows and changes faster than all the above. However, one thing holds constant, the need for health and fitness. This is the reason why this industry sees consistent double digit growth.

Aging Population

One thing is certain, we will all get older. As people age, the need for regular exercise increases. As the Center for Disease Control notes, one of the major factors in the prevention of disease, is exercise. Take type 2 diabetes and heart disease for example. This represents an opportunity that is worth maximizing.

Process Automation

Fitness franchises generally have automated processes which helps minimize the need for micro management. The truth is, many health clubs basically run themselves. The ability to operate a business with multiple revenue streams and hundreds, possibly thousands of customers, without the need of many employees, make it an attractive industry.


As consumers we have different needs and expectations on what the right type of fitness club is. This has opened the door for a variety of fitness franchise models that appeal to anyone. The days of 1 large fitness club dominating the industry is over. There are 24 hour/day gyms, circuit training gyms, boot camp franchises, women only clubs, and many more. This allows niche marketing that can help you stand out among competing clubs. This is a very big pie and there are enough slices for everyone.

Continued Growth

As we alluded to earlier, the health club industry is one of the few that has consistently grown in the past 20 years. What better industry to get involved in? If your objectives are to invest in a business with growth potential, the franchise health club industry may be for you.

Unmatched Franchise Support

Just because the health and fitness industry offers many advantages does not mean you should go out there and figure it out for yourself. There are many variables that can make or break your success. The support offered by fitness franchises is unparalleled to other industries. Having a team of experts and a brand that can help you own your own gym, is a very popular approach. From location selection, to real estate negotiations, to equipment financing, to logistics, to software integration and more, this is perhaps the best routes to success.
Franchising is a very intelligent decision, but investing in a fitness franchise may be one of the best career decisions you ever make.