Fitness Franchise

A fitness franchise is an opportunity take part in a billion dollar industry with little to no experience. The franchise concept in general has been very successful, just ask those that own a McDonald’s or Wendy’s. It takes a proven system that is successful in order to be able to have a great franchise. In the fitness industry, you must have a blueprint you can follow and a company that can hold your hand throughout the process. Here are some reasons why the Zoo Health Club stands out above the rest when it comes to a fitness franchise.


Some of the bigger fitness franchise models have grown so big that each individual club franchise, becomes nothing more than a number. And unfortunately in this type of business you cannot survive on brand name along. Unlike fast food places, where the brand name can go along way, people have no problem going to a local boutique concept gym that better caters to their individual needs. In fact, some are actually intimidated by those large big box gyms. We have seen many of our franchises compete with the bigger players bring in great member numbers with only a fraction of the bigger gym’s overhead. This is all possible by providing our gyms personalized attention that can make them successful.


One of the things that make us special, is the rigorous training program we offer our franchisees. Closing the sale and converting a prospect into a member is an art in itself. The approach, order of information presented, and tour strategy, can often times be the difference between bringing in a few member to a great amount. Several of the members in our leadership team have over 4 decades of experience having worked with such legends as Jack Lalanne and others. In this industry, experience is huge, and although you may not have any, you will surely benefit from ours.


What is the secret to our sauce? Many would say it is our Multiple Revenue Strategy which diversifies revenue sources in a way that other clubs simply cannot. We have a very carefully catered strategy for personal training, amenities, classes, juice bar, apparel, supplements, etc… When done right, you can add all these categories and it all adds to your bottom line taking your club profits to the next level. No other club does this quite as well as we do.


We believe that our franchisees should be able to have a healthy work life balance. You should run your business, your business should not run you. Our system allows each franchisee to construct a team and workflow that allows the business to successfully function even when the owner is not present. What this means is that you can take a vacation without fear of your business or sales dropping. You can get out of work at a decent time to catch your kids ball game or dance recital. You can seek alternative business ventures if you so choose. Bottom line, you can have a life outside of work. One thing we have noticed though, our franchisees love what they do and enjoy the environment in which they work in. This is not a fast food joint where you are behind a hot kitchen all day dealing in a fast pace environment with angry customers, food spoilage, inventory, and more. You are helping people improve their life in a way that few businesses can do.

Fore more information, we ask that you request more information below. We look forward to hearing from you.