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More than half of our franchise owners are owner/operators. The rest allow their top managers and staff to take care of the day-to-day operations. When speaking with our franchise owners you will notice they come from different industries and backgrounds. They all have one thing in common: They were looking for the right balance of lifestyle and business. All were looking for an opportunity for themselves and family. They found it with the Zoo Health Club. Watch some of the videos below and find out for yourself.

The Zoo fitness franchise business model works by keeping the size of the club in the small to medium range and keeping expenses low. Our top of the line equipment combined with low monthly dues is a business model that will give you a competitive edge! What ever the definition of success is to you, the Zoo fitness franchise business model can accomplish your goals.

The main source of revenue will come from both enrollment fees and monthly dues. The Zoo fitness franchise has one of the lowest monthly dues program anywhere and helps create membership sales which increases sales volume for the franchisee. Your dues may vary based on demographics and services at your facility.

Most people have never had to deal with building owners and leasing agents. Lease negotiations can be overwhelming. Let our experts help you with proper negotiations while getting the best possible rate and seeing that the lease agreement is structured properly.

Lease or Purchase

Our experts will work with you on selecting the best equipment for the size of your Zoo Health Club and your budget. Leasing is a good choice and our experts will put you in touch with the helpful leasing companies that specialize in the health and fitness industry.


Location, location, location! Convenient, easily accessible locations in secondary shopping centers make frequent visits routine for the entire family.


Low monthly fees attract and retain members.


Top-of-the-line equipment offers a competitive edge and keeps members challenged.


Small- to medium-size locations limit lease costs and ensure a friendly, community-like environment.


A variety of special products and services please members and increase revenue.


We provide a proven model and step-by-step guidance on how to open a fitness center.

Investors all over the world are asking themselves, what is the best franchise concept? As you may have seen fitness franchises are popping up left and right representing growth in the health and fitness industry and opportunity for potential investors. What is the reason for this recent craze and what factors should you take into consideration before taking a plunge?

Growing Industry

Industries usually have cycles. Some may see growth and decline, while other stay stagnant. The health and fitness industry is one of the few that has continued growth and it does not seem to be declining. Trends come and go but everyone can agree that staying fit and healthy is a way of life and that will not change. This industry has seen has seen double digit growth in the past 10 years and as more and more people move to eating healthier, organic foods, you can expect more people will be wanting to get in shape. Opening a gym franchise helps you capitalize on this growing trend toward fitness.

Work Environment

When considering a franchise opportunity, work environment is another factor. If you are going to invest in a business and you want to be part of its success, your day-to-day experience in the business is important. Many people have avoided the fast food franchise concept because of the stressful work atmosphere. For many it is not the most appealing thing to be behind a hot kitchen all day, dealing with hundreds of customers in very fast-paced environment. A health club franchise is a different environment altogether. Overall it is a less stressful and more enjoyable atmosphere.

Time Commitment

A gymfranchisehas many moving pieces but once those pieces are in place, the club basically runs itself. Of course, a good manager is necessary, but unlike other businesses, you do not have to be there the whole day. In fact, many health club owners have other businesses or run multiple clubs. This is perhaps one of the most appealing aspects about owning a fitness franchise.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Perhaps the most attractive aspect about owning a health club is the multiple revenue streams. Whereas most businesses have one main source of revenue, a health club has several. Think of membership fees, personal trainer fees, kids club, juice bar, supplements, apparel, special classes, additional amenities such as tanning, etc. If you are going to invest in a business a health club franchise is something you should definitely think about.

Business experience is a plus, but not a requirement. The Zoo franchise system provides you with the training, tools, and support necessary to efficiently open and operate your club, without guesswork or the mistakes of trial and error. Your vision, dedication, and hard work, combined with our proven systems and years of experience, will maximize your chances of obtaining the financial rewards associated with business ownership.

Again, sales experience is a plus, but it is not essential. Most important will be a genuine interest in helping your members become more healthy and fit. Your honest belief in the benefits of a Zoo membership will help overcome a potential new member’s initial doubts or skepticism. People invariably wish to feel good about themselves and leading a healthy lifestyle is vital to such well-being. The caring, guidance, and support you offer each of your members will be your most valuable asset.

Such experience will shorten your learning curve; however, it is not necessary for success. The Zoo’s founders and leaders have much experience in the fitness franchising industry. The sum of their expertise is made available to new franchise owners through a comprehensive, one-week training program aptly named Zoo University.

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Pre-opening strategies
  • Business operating procedures
  • Effective development of revenue sources
  • Membership promotion and sales
  • New member prospecting tools and resources
  • Equipment operation and safety

Never! And you will continue to receive support so long as you need it.

Absolutely. When you purchase a Zoo fitness franchise, our continued success becomes dependent upon your success. Our knowledge, expertise, experience, and resources-combined with The Zoo’s established systems and procedures-will be available to help you successfully negotiate these important initial hurdles.

Each individual must determine the time commitment they wish to make to their business. Some franchisees maintain other full-time jobs by hiring and overseeing a club manager. Others choose to manage their club themselves. Both scenarios can be successful.

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 Bottom line, our franchisees and gyms outperform! Check out our recipe for success.

Get Your Free Info Packet

Everything you need to know about this franchise opportunity. And some business tips about this booming industry.

Franchise info packet

 Bottom line, our franchisees and gyms outperform! Check out our recipe for success.

Get Your Free Info Packet

Everything you need to know about this franchise opportunity. And some business tips about this booming industry.

Franchise info packet