Fitness Franchises as an investment

Franchising has grown in popularity quite dramatically over the past several decades. The traditional franchise concept started with QSRs (quick serve restaurants) like McDonalds, Burger King, etc… However, in the health and fitness industry this has become a very attractive investment opportunity for those looking to enter the industry with little or no experience. Here are some of the things to consider about investing in a fitness franchise.

1. Enthusiasm is a must
No one is necessarily enthusiastic about flipping burgers. Those that invest in a fast food restaurant may be excited from a financial standpoint, but the health fitness club industry is different. You have to love what you do. The good thing is that owning a gym could be a very gratifying experience. You are helping people reach their health and fitness goals. In a way you are helping people change their lives for the better. If you are to enter this industry it is highly recommended that you have passion for what you will be doing.

2. Many options, do your research
There are several fitness franchise opportunities and you owe it to yourself to thoroughly educate yourself on the right one for you. Don’t think that the biggest is necessarily the better. The way the industry stands as of right now, the smaller gym concept is very successful and can be more profitable. People are gravitating towards a more intimate gym experience with multiple amenities. Here are some of the things you want to consider when looking into the right fitness franchise.

  • Support, what will they do to help you get started and be profitable?
  • How much experience do they have in the health and fitness industry? Are they a fly by night operation?
  • Are they willing to let you speak and meet current franchise owners that can share their experience?
  • What kind of marketing are they doing?
  • What are their current growth plans?
  • What are the franchise fees and overall cost to open your club?

3. Maximize revenue opportunities
To be truly profitable in the health and fitness industry you must take advantage of all potential revenue opportunities. Those clubs that rely solely on membership fees usually do not last. You should work with a fitness franchise that understands this and will help you generate revenue through personal training, other amenities, specialty fitness classes, clothing, nutritional supplements, juice bar and more.

4. You must have a good team
When a fitness club runs like a well oiled machine, the owners will have a lot of time on their hands to focus on other things such as new businesses or family. But to accomplish this you must have a good team that is passionate about what they do and enjoy being at the club. This shouldn’t be hard to find, since many people love the work environment at a health club.

5. Be committed
If you invest in a fitness franchise you must commit to the business model and structure that is provided to you. Deviating from this could result in failure. If you are investing in a franchise that has a lot of experience, you must trust their knowledge and follow through with the game plan that is set. This will help you succeed and maximize your return on investment.

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