Everyone wants to know what the top franchises are. Many claim they have the top franchise opportunities. The truth is, every franchise is different but the question should be, what is the best franchise for you. The largest franchise where you see stores popping up left and right, may not be the best business decision. There are many factors you should consider, and here we outline some of the most important.

Your Personal Interests
Studies show that people who love what they do, perform at a much higher level and see far more success than others. So many people follow trends and are searching for the next big thing, without any consideration to their personal interests. If you are not a big fan of fast food restaurants, why would you want to own one? At The Zoo Health Club, this is one of the first things we ask our potential franchisees. “Do you have a passion for health and fitness?” This is a must for any of our franchise partners. You have to appreciate exactly what it is that we do. We do more than just provide equipment under a roof for our members. We help them reach their health and fitness goals and ultimately help change lives. Our franchisees find enormous gratification in what they do. Take this into deep consideration when looking for an investment opportunity.

Work Atmosphere
There are those that live for the weekends and vacation time, which is a very small part of our lives. You have to enjoy the work environment you are in day-in and day-out. If you would not be happy working in the sun or in a factory, than avoid that type of business. If you cringe at the thought of working in a restaurant for 12 hours straight, than a restaurant franchise may not be for you. One thing that we know about our franchisees, is that they love being at their gyms and it does not feel like work. As one of our franchisees best puts it, “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Corporate Support
The whole idea behind franchising is that you can count on knowledgeable experts to help you start your business and be profitable. Yes, you will need to put in some work and elbow grease but the formula for success and ongoing support needs to be provided to you. That being said, some franchises do this much better than others. Some have a sink or swim mentality where they help you with the startup process but then provide little support with marketing, day-to-day operations, market fluctuations, and challenges that can be encountered. This is where shine. Our work is never done and we are very proactive about helping our franchisees maximize profit. Our leadership team has hundreds of years of accumulated experience so they know the fitness club business inside and out. And one thing they can say about the corporate office, is that it is always accessible for help and support.

Long-term viability
Another important factor to consider is long-term viability. In other words, what does the long-term picture look like for this type of business. Is this an unpredictable industry with continued change such as technology? How sensitive is it government, economic, or socio economic factors? If this is the next big thing, does that mean it is the next big thing for the next 3 years only? One thing we know about the industry we operate in, is that being healthy and in shape is not a fad, it is a way of life and it is one of the few industries that continues to grow and flourish. You definitely want to consider this when searching for the best franchise opportunity for you.

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